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A new level

In the 3rd dimension – heading towards the 4th

”Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?”

I found this quote by pure coincidence but was a bit overjoyed when I read the words. The person who wrote this – did he or she understand how true this is? How big of an illusion this reality really is?

We’re currently living in the 3rd dimension (and level of consciousness), and what stands out here is the belief that we’re all separated from each other. Many people feel alone and are experiencing a state of exclusion, which is tragic since we’re all one and always connected to each other, energetically.

Another significant aspect of the 3rd dimension is the power the Ego has over people. It’s easy to believe the ego is the one telling you-you’re the greatest and most important person. But this is quite rarely the case, more commonly the ego tells you you’re worthless, you cannot do it, don’t show anyone what you’ve made – no one will like it… It’s not up to standard, not good enough… Can you relate?

The ego wants to maintain power over you, but you have a solid foundation, a spark within you that shines brightly. It’s the spark in your heart. In your heart, you know the ego’s wrong. In your heart, you can feel what’s right and wrong for you.

Nowadays, all people have this spark brightly ignited, and we can all choose to listen to the feeling within. Everyone is emotionally connected to their heart, whether they know it or not.

A lot of things have been happening with the human consciousness, there’s a big difference only in the last couple of years. Look back five or ten years… How often did you hear people talking to each other about love? Not of the love in a relationship, but the love for everything. For other people, for nature, the Earth, and above all, the realization of the love we have for ourselves.

This IS a huge difference. Today, many experience and express a need to listen their innermost feelings. Nowadays I hear about this every day, which is a clear indication that more and more people are starting to consciously listen to their hearts. It’s also becoming easier for more people to feel/hear/know the difference between when it’s the ego chattering or the heart knowing. We call this Your inner compass.

“Yeah, right”, you might say – “such nonsense!”

Well, actually it isn’t. These days they’ve been able to demonstrate within physics, what we’ve been stating for many years; that there’s a field of energy surrounding all living things.   

This field of energy changes and is affected when in close proximity of other people. It’s also affected by and changing when spending time in nature.

It’s via these fields of energy that we’re constantly connected to each other and nature. We’re never really truly alone, this is an illusion the ego wishes us to have; the illusion of feeling alone, excluded and unwanted.

Scientists also know we’re living in a three-dimensional world and that there’re other dimensional levels, but as far as I can tell they have yet to demonstrate this. Today, there are instruments that can demonstrate the emotional responses of the heart and they show a clear difference between when subjects make emotionally based decisions contra ego based ones.

I’m not particularly interested in the technical and scientific stuff, but I know it’s important to many. For those of you who would like to know more about this, I recommend This is a good place to start when in pursuit of technical and scientific facts.

Then, what is the 4th dimension, where we’re heading?

Well, this is the next level of our reality and consciousness. The main difference in this dimension is that we’re all fully heart-centered.

It simply becomes impossible to stay in the ego, your ego no longer has any power over you. Once you release the ego, the experience of being alone and outside also disappears.

In your heart, you know/feel/understand how close to each other we truly are, and there are no longer any “doors” between us that need to be opened. You can see through the illusion of us being separated from each other, and you know that you’re never really alone. We are all one and now we can all live it.

”Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?”

We are one…
// Susanne

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