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About Stress: Acceptance.

Our bodies are amazing!

They constantly give us information about what is going on inside and what we need to do to feel good;

Whether we need to eat, get some fresh air, be creative, have some rest, to sleep, have sex.  Whether we need to be alone, do some exercise, get emotional support from someone, or simply to have someone telling you everything is going to be all right.  Or just to pour yourself a cop of coffee or tea and enjoy it.

To you, whom been exposed to stress, getting ill of stress, have most certainly not listened to your body and soul in time.   

Tired, tired. You’re just Tired!

Your Brain doesn’t work. To read and understand simple instructions, just won’t happen.

Everything you are set to do, feels like running a marathon race. To empty the dishwasher, that normally takes about 5 minutes, takes half a day to before you can even start picking the dish out. Then you have to sit down before you take out the first cup. Halfway through you are exhausted.

Climbing a mountain

Well, this is the reality for many. Your normal everyday tasks feel like climbing a mountain.

Not to be able to manage the simple things makes us feel shameful; we blame ourselves and often it feels embarrassing.

Also we know that when we aren’t able to manage our tasks, and when someone else has to do them, it feels like an extra weight put on our shoulders.

We want to do our duty, and also not be anyone else’s burden.

You need to understand and accept that this is an illness.

When we have accepted and understood that stress is an illness and when we learn to listen to our body and soul, than healing slowly can begin.

During our recovery we need to practice a huge amount of patients with our selves.

Keep in mind!

How had you acted, if this was your partner or friend, getting ill in stress?

Well, I don’t think you would blame them, would you?

Wouldn’t you wanted them to take as good care of them best way possible? Wouldn’t you want them to get better, only do as much as they could manage?

Well, it goes the other way round, for you as well!

Keep in mind! You are the person you shall live with the rest of your life! So start to take care of yourself. It’s ok to do so!

One step a time and we have to take two-three steps back sometimes. This is how it can be; in the process of getting better from stress.

Take one step and rest! Take the next when you are ready to do so.

Even if we take one step forward and a couple of steps back, in the end you have reached further than if you didn’t began.

Do one thing, then rest! Set up a small goal for each day or week;

– To get up of bed.
– To get a shower
– To take your clothes on.
– Go out to sit in the sun for a while – just breath.
– Read (this could be very hard to do) 1 sentence from a book and to really understand what you are reading.

Find your level, where you are. It’s ok! It’s your way!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

There are many people around you that want nothing but to help you.

When they ask if they can help – just accept! Or just say; Yes please, or cry!

They will not judge you!

To you, whom are helping

To you, whom are helping; don’t feel sorry for the person. It doesn’t help them to recover or to heal. They need your help, show them you are supporting them, that are really all you need to do.

Be strong and help but don’t petty. It’s not the kind of “support” the person needs. Help by being loving and friendly.  

If you ask anything, don’t expect any or any direct answer or that the person are interested in talking at all.

When the person with the illness wants to talk, and then listen, this is the best medicine ever, don’t suggest any solutions, please just listen to them.

Don’t expect any clear or straight answers if you ask them to do something together. Keep your heart open and an open mind.

Of course everything is depending on what shape, state the person is in.

When you standing by the side; keep in mind you also need somebody else to talk to, to be able to handle the situation. See to it that you have the activities you need, think about what you’re eating, take some time on your own, doing what you want and need.

It’s important that you find your strength and your energy, to be able to be at hand.

Take care of yourself first, and then help.

You need to have support form “right” people; someone to help with the entire practical things needed. Sometimes you need the support of a doctor, a coach or a therapist. Some are helped by cognitive behavior therapy, others by mindfulness.

There is many other healthcare methods that can help, massage, holistic healing therapy, even nature and water are healing.

To learn to accept that you are ill and in need of help is a huge step in right direction.

So to sum up:

After acceptance, the understanding increases.

With higher understanding, the demands to handle things will decrease.

When you let go of the demands, you make room for other possibilities instead. A possible beginning to relaxation in body and soul can begin.

When you are more relaxes the possibility to be grateful for the help we getting increases.

We can get bigger understandings of why we got ill.

With increased understanding we can look at our situation from another angle. We also see and understand that, if it was another person in the same situation as ours, it’s no wonder you got ill. The situation was not healthy.

We can also begin to focus on how we want to act in future.

What do I want to have in my life?

What do I really need?

What is important to me?

What is possible for me to do, what can I be able to handle?

Step by step, piece by piece, we are laying our new jigsaw puzzle of life.

Remember; we do this with a great deal of love for ourselves.

We are the most important persons in our lives and we deserve to be well treated by ourselves.

We become more observant to what’s making us stressed. 

Perhaps we will fall down again.

As we now know the symptoms, we recognize it earlier, the road we are walking are not so steady but nevertheless walkable.

If you fall down again, you faster you accept this, the sooner you will get back again. Take one step at a time.

During a period of illness, all your relationships can be affected, strained. You, who are stricken by stress, are utmost sensitive. Your surroundings, family are drawn into the situation. Remember: All people have their right to their own feelings. Even your family can get hurt and/or can become sad.

It’s important to have a good communication, as good as possible. You as a relative can also be in a need of support, someone to talk to outside, perhaps friend that you truly can trust.

Try to find out as much as you can about stress illness. Have an opened mind and a loving approach.

You, as a relative, please see to it that you eat what serves you best, do the things you need to, to get rid of your energy in a positive way. Get time on your own! Book your own time, to do what you want to do and in every way possible to Take care of yourself.

To endure the situations together; take good care of yourself and each other.

It’s always, of course, best to avoid being ill in stress.

We need to learn a new way to act, live and handle our lives.

With love and respect


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