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Inspiration & Information

We love sharing information. We hope our blogs will inspire You on your journey to find your way home… Home to your heart and home to Yourself.

Can we help an animal feeling better?

About Animals Blog by Rose-Marie AxelssonCan we help an animal into feeling better with the help of animal communication?Yes, and if you ask me, my answer will be that sometimes it is in fact communication resulting in the best help regarding making the animal feel better in some situations.But to have a vet look at the […]

The Energy in Your Life.

About Stress, a Blog by Rose-Marie Rosdahl There are both the events that give you energy and make you feel good and what drains you or takes your energy. Are you aware of where you put your energy? Are you aware of how you use your energy? Where do you get stuck? Minus = Things Taking Your […]

Finally!

To do what I really want!The time to do what I’ve wanted for a really long time has finally come. The thing that has been my goal and my desire all along…I want to be more active and accessible to You as a member of our school.There have been so many things to deal with, […]

Our meaningful animals.

About Animals Blog by Rose-Marie Axelsson Our meaningful animalsThere are tons of reasons as to why we are important to our pets or the pets are important to us. In animal communication I often get to experience how much love the animal feels for their master. Or how proud the owner is over their dog or cat […]

Does animal communication work?

About Animals Blog by Rose-Marie AxelssonThere’s been a few studies made regarding communication between humans and animals.According to me it’s possible to communicate with all types of animals. They, just like us, have a mind of their own, their own knowledge of what they like and don’t like.It’s quite exciting to think that all animals no […]