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Can we help an animal feeling better?

Can we help an animal into feeling better with the help of animal communication?

Yes, and if you ask me, my answer will be that sometimes it is in fact communication resulting in the best help regarding making the animal feel better in some situations.

But to have a vet look at the pet is an important first step of course.

It is important to figure out why our pets are in pain or if there’s anything else out of the ordinary.

But sometimes, when you’re stuck in fears regarding certain behaviors from your pet.

It can be very freeing to visit an animal communicator, to unravel the reason behind the unwanted behavior.

A communication can help clear up some of your concerns as an owner.

And in the long run, it may help the pet as well.

All animals just like us humans are different and diverse individuals, and there’s a plethora of different reasons as to why your horse may not want to enter it’s trailer. What could be right for one horse could be completely wrong for the next.

During a communication, the pet can explain in greater detail what it is that makes the horse trailer scary.

Sometimes it could be something the owner to said pet isn’t conscious of or they haven’t thought of yet.

It is then that an animal communicator can come with advice surfacing during the communication. Often the animals themselves know the easiest solutions to solving their problems.

They’ve got wise thoughts and ideas, our pets, you know.

There are many reasons why concerned pet owners have come to me with their animals.

Everything from finding the concept exciting, to hear what their pet has to say, to asking why a dog is afraid of the dark or their dog chews on everything, and so on…

It’s not always what we humans think.

When the pet gets to communicate their version of an issue or the way they look at life, we as owners may get the help we need to better their day to day life.

Sometimes we as owners have yet to figure out the smartest solution to a problem.

An example of this, is an owner who came to me with their dog.

They lived in an apartment, and was barking and howling a lot during the day, when it had to be home alone for a few hours, while their master were out working.

The owner came to me because he couldn’t figure out why his dog couldn’t feel calm and comfortable alone, while he was off working.

Said and done, a communication solved the issue fairly quickly.

The dog told us that if it simply got to look out through a window, then it would feel much better.

The owner and pet went home and I ran into them a few days later.

After the communication, the owner built his dog a makeshift perch to look out through the window on, and the dog was right!

His neighbor had told the owner that there was no problems with a constant barking dog anymore.

That’s a prime example of how wise our pets can be.

They know just what they need and what they would like to have in order to feel good.

Often, I think, we get a bit “blinded” when it comes to our own pets and we end up not always understanding what they are telling us. Because we love them so much.

It’s then that an animal communication can come in handy, to unravel our everyday miss-communications, and solve our problems.

All’s well that ends well, and don’t forget to give your beloved pets a hug.

// Rose-Marie

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