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FREE yourself from Stress & Anxiety

There are a lot of people dealing with stress and anxiety on a high level in their lives; are you one of those? Because, if you are, you probably need to dig a bit deeper into this and you probably need more personal support.

This is why I offer you to join our four-week online course: “FREE yourself from stress and Anxiety – for the rest of your life”.

In this premium level online course, you will learn the same techniques I have taught hundreds, maybe thousands of students. They all learned how to live without stress and worries.  – You can too!

– 5 minutes a day is all you need!
A four-week well-proven program that teaches you how to manage stress and worry – once and for all.

Start your online course now – You don’t have to wait

This is what other participants say about the course:

“I’ve got the tools to work with when I get stressed.”

“I’ve learned to sort out and avoid feelings and reactions I don’t need, and I feel much more in balance!” !”

“I now have a nice quiet within me. With these simple tools, from now on my life will be different.”

“A relief to finally understand the real causes of stress!”

“The handbrake – a tool to stop me when I kick off. It’s right there, I just have not “seen” it before. I will have this tool with me forever. “

“The “Five-minute a day”-exercise, so easy to use in everyday life!”

 ” My best investment for life!

“It’s a great feeling to discover that the fear I have been carrying around is gone! It gives a lot of energy! Now I can handle my anxiety and I have the tools to deal with my fears. All the energy I used to put on this… I can now use it on everything that is important in my life instead.” // Helena Rosander

 “I will have this tool with me forever!”

“I have gained access to my mental ”handbrake” and I often use “Do I want to? Can I? Can I manage?”. It has been very helpful to ask myself these questions on a number of occasions during the course weeks. I will have this tool with me forever. It is good that you can go back again if there is a part of the course that you need to repeat. This course is a good tool and I will warmly recommend it to both my clients and others who feel that the stress is taking over their lives.” // Rose-Marie Axelsson

 This is what you will learn

Week 1:

  • Become aware of your feelings and reactions, learn to recognize them.
  • Understand and recognize what is behind these feelings and reactions.
  • Start to change and heal the reason for them inside yourself.
  • Recognize and break your old patterns.
  • Learn how – and begin the process – to set self-loving boundaries in your life.
  • Become aware of how your thoughts and feelings are affecting your body.

Week 2

  • Understand how different parts of your light body work and start to activate them.
  • Learn how to use your light body to get more energy and to avoid “energy thieves”.
  • Start the journey inside your body and learn how to live from your heart.

Week 3

  • Learn how to find answers inside yourself – from your inner knowledge – and learn how to trust them.
  • What are the real causes of your stress? – Learn how to let go of your stress once and for all.
  • What’s the real reason behind your fears? – Learn how to let go of them.

Week 4

  • What’s the real reason behind your anxiety? – Start to recognize and handle it.
  • Understand how you can create everything in your life. – Start to create the life You want to live.
  • Learn “The 5 minutes a day technique” – all you need to stay in your heart and keep living without stress & anxiety in your everyday life …

Online course – this is how it works

Each lesson is sent to you via e-mail and contains one or more videos with guided exercises and additional text files to help you delve deeper into different techniques. Personal questions are answered within 24 hours (on weekdays).

Course Duration

The course is divided into four weeks. Each lesson takes approx. 30-60 minutes to complete. We work together week by week and you will have plenty of time to repeat the exercises. Your insight & knowledge is built up gradually. Students usually finish the entire online course within 4 weeks but can decide at their own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course material after the program is completed.

100 % Guarantee

We are willing to provide you with 100% Guarantee.