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Does animal communication work?

There’s been a few studies made regarding communication between humans and animals.

According to me it’s possible to communicate with all types of animals. They, just like us, have a mind of their own, their own knowledge of what they like and don’t like.

It’s quite exciting to think that all animals no matter the species, they can express how they feel and what more they may wish out of life.

What does science say about animal communication?

In August 2016 new science was presented on a Swedish news outlet[1], shows that dogs don’t only interpret our tone of voice, but also words. Hungarian scientists at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, proved that dogs react to words no matter the tone of voice.

With the help of an MRI scanner they were able to measure what happens when their owner said a word in a neutral voice and when they later said the same word in a happy voice. This showed that the word’s meaning was interpreted in the left half of the brain and the tone of voice in the right, just like with humans. It also showed that saying some words like “good dog” in a happy voice, made their brain’s reward system react stronger than if they said it in a neutral voice.

For centuries dogs have had an important role, both in hunting and warning humans from oncoming danger. Humans in turn have provided dogs with shelter, warmth, food and love. It has led to us breed the dogs who are the best at interpreting how we feel and what we say. Meaning the dogs who are the best at communicating with us.

Animal communication works if you ask me.

When animals don’t feel good or if they are in pain, I always recommend a visit to the vet first. But sometimes it’s communicating that works out the best. They can for example give you tips as to why your horse won’t get in it’s transport trailer, why your dog keeps howling when home alone or why your cat’s feeling down and so on…

Animal communication isn’t always about how many words a dog for example, can understand, but about how us humans interpret the information the animal is trying to convey to us. It’s the same for the animals when they interpret what we say and think. Surely, many of us have wondered how our dogs knows it’s time to cut their claws and runs and hides, as soon as we have the thought. Or how it works, when your horse’s standing there waiting for you, even though you’re not usually at the stables at 8am on wednesday mornings.

We communicate so much more than we think.

And sometimes our animals becomes masters at affecting our subconscious.

My own dog Estelle, a little mischievous Bichon Havanais, she’s mastered the art of affecting me. I think I beforehand plan out the rout for our walks. But every now and again I notice how our walks end up being very different from what I planned, a lot longer.

Yes, it’s a dear problem to have, our walks suddenly becomes longer. And that’s just how it can be when our beloved animals affects and communicates with us.

// Rose-Marie Axelsson



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