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The Earth is changing – Why?

Soul & Heart Blog by 
Susanne Jönsson

What is happening on Earth right now?

We are in this amazing “expansion of energy” period, which affects us all. It’s time to help more people raise their consciousness.

We live in a time of changes…

The overall energy is raised through regular, global frequency increases, increases of energy and (entirely new) global consciousness heightening.

Frequency – increases your power and strength, and your energy sensitivity.

Energy – increases your endurance.

Consciousness – increases your ability to reach your inner knowledge.

The purpose is fantastic but how are we affected?

Yes, of course we will be affected. You can feel it physically in the body. It creates anxiety and restlessness for many. Others experience infinite fatigue. Physical body aches are not uncommon. Dizziness and nausea also belong here.

Palpitations can also be a symptom, but check of course always with a medical doctor if your heart behaves differently.

What can we do about it?

– Breathe Sunshine

See or imagine that you see the sun – Inhale deeply and imagine breathing in warm yellow sunshine throughout your body. Breathe out everything that feels unbalanced. Repeat 3-4 times until you feel this warm sunshine, filling up all of the body.

– Increase your patience with yourself

– Be sure to use your energy protection

– Rest when you are tired

How can we help globally?

Repeat The Love Meditation regularly!
This is the best way to help the Earth and all its people simultaneously.

I am Love

Everything and Everyone is Love

We are One

We are Love

– Repeat the words until you feel the Earth is full of love.

Best of luck!

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