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Finally!

The founder, Susanne Jönsson-Soul & Heart Journey School

To do what I really want!

The time to do what I’ve wanted for a really long time has finally come. The thing that has been my goal and my desire all along…

I want to be more active and accessible to You as a member of our school.

There have been so many things to deal with, process, create and structure along the way – it hasn’t been quite possible to be more present before. Also, everyone has been telling me “it can’t be done”, “you don’t have the time”, and some even said that “it’s unprofessional” to be this available to members.

I disagree!

To play a part in people’s personal growth, to help and support wherever I can, this is something I’m passionate about. Something I am deeply thankful that I can do.

The work with getting Soul & Heart Journey School to function properly online is finally beginning to come to an end.

It all began in March 2015, when we decided to let our school go online, and now at last, we are starting to feel content with the result.

It has involved a lot of work, but at the same time been so much fun!

So, finally, it’s time to get started!

Step 1

Everyone in our team is incredibly capable and competent; they can provide limitless assistance, support, help and counseling.   

But I know that sometimes you’d like to hear from me personally.

I want you to be able to choose to contact me directly, when it is my support that you specifically need.

Soon you’ll be able to choose between “contact our support” and “contact Susanne”.

Step 2

Each month I’ll be posting a new current video in our members’ area.

They will be covering different topics our members would like to know more about, or things I find important or think about.

Here I will also be able to answer questions suitable for sharing.

I’m thinking that this can be done in different ways. You can e-mail questions and I read them out loud, perhaps I at some point invite someone to participate in a discussion on a specific topic… We’ll see – there are so many different ways and many thoughts that I look forward to trying ahead.

The main thing is: This is all about YOU; it is YOU who get to wish what you’d like our future recordings to be about!

Already now, I’d like you to submit what it is YOU would like to know more about, or ask the questions YOU would like an answer to.

Start submitting you wishes and questions right away, I’m looking forward to getting started.
// Susanne

Submit your wishes HERE

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