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How to Find The Right Path

There are many ways to improve or heal a present condition, work with your personal growth and find inner knowledge. There are also many techniques out there to reach this. At Soul & Heart Journey School we have developed our own techniques, which are a result of 20 years of work experience and many years of extensive studying. We teach you only what we firmly believe in our own hearts and what we experienced as being highly effective and powerful in the long term. But our methods and techniques might be not for everyone….and you might ask yourself:

Is Soul & Heart Journey School for me?

It´s time to find out!

Do you want to perform rituals and long ceremonies to find your inner knowledge?

We don’t work like that. We believe in simplicity and clarity. Our methods are based on knowledge that can be communicated in a straight, safe and simple way.

Do you believe you must use power symbols to be able to work with your knowledge?

We believe that we humans all have everything we need within us, not outside us. Tools can be fun but they are not necessary.

Do you feel you need help with stress? To have more self-confidence? Are you longing for a higher quality of life?

By studying at our school or taking online courses, you will learn to manage your emotions, fears and lack of time for yourself in a different way. If you choose our webinars you will quite quickly get a deeper understanding in how you can feel better – in your everyday life. You have all the answer you need inside yourself. We believe in teaching each and everyone how they can find their own inner knowledge and how to trust it.

Do you think it is important to keep the traditions and perform holistic work as you have done so far?

We believe it is important to respect the different traditions, but to the contrary of other teachings we also believe that all the energy work we do must also always be in balance with the Earth’s frequency and since Earth’s frequency is changing, we must constantly change our work accordingly. We live in a frequency on Earth that has not existed before and the frequency continues to increase which means that different healing techniques and chakra clearing techniques must be updated in order to be effective without being harmful to the patient. Many techniques that were applied 20 years ago can be harmful to human energy today. Often the therapist & healer is more powerful today than five years ago. The combination of sharp frequencies, and a powerful healer can be very good but can also be very bad; it all depends on how the techniques are being used and on how the therapist & healer has learned to deal with the changes that are occurring.

Do you think you have the right to send energy healing to people or “read” people when it suits you?

We believe that one always has to ask for permission for any kind of holistic work on a person/patient. We never use our knowledge in secrecy. We believe no one has the right to choose for someone else and no one can know how another person would solve their own problems. Therefore, we must always ask verbally before we treat anybody.

Do you expect to go to a therapist or teacher to learn and heal without further work of your own at home?

As our student or client we are responsible to do our best we can to help and support you. But we encourage students or patients to take responsibility and continue with the exercises, homework and practices, which were agreed on at school. It is important that you take responsibility over your own healing process and your own development. That’s when you understand that you can change your life – if you choose to.

As our student we will always help and support you in the best way we can. We provide different techniques to help you learn how to find your inner knowledge, how to trust yourself and trust your inner guidance. We will show you various approved methods that you can choose from that will help you find the path that is best for you.

Thank You For Your Interest
Soul & Heart Journey School