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Our teachings are based on ancient and latest knowledge we have on Earth. We frequently adjust and add specific course material because the Earth is in constant change, which in return affects part of our work.

All techniques that are taught at Soul & Heart Journey School were developed and refined over a time of 20 years of work experience and professional training. We know it works. We witness it every day.

Soul & Heart Journey School

Soul & Heart Journey School is an international school for holistic therapies and alternative healing methods. We also offer online courses that enable people to help themselves. There is plenty to choose from, you can learn how to handle stress, live from your heart and more advanced techniques to reach a higher consciousness.
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Soul & Heart Holistic Healing

Soul & Heart Holistic healing is a form of healing that considers the whole person and is treating body, mind and spirit at the same time to achieve optimal health. All people have innate healing powers. Each person has all knowledge within. We only have to know how to pick up the right parts and learn how to work with them.
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 Higher Consciousness

A higher consciousness means you can reach higher levels of knowledge that comes from within yourself, from your heart. It is knowledge, enlightenment and an understanding on all levels that exist within you. An understanding of how everything is connected and affects each other in depth as well as on the surface.
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The easiest way to describe channeling is having access to an information channel. When channeling one tunes into a frequency or channel, similar to the way you set up a radio station. At this frequency information is available and it is easy to contact spiritual guides and advisers.
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In past life regression we explore one or several past lives in order to receive answers to unsolved issues in our present lives. By identifying repeat patterns or blockages from a past life and understanding the connection between present and past we are able to treat present stagnation, health and mental issues more efficiently.
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Communication with Animals

Thoughts and emotions have a real electromagnetic energetic consequence.

The ability to communicate telepathically with animals is building mutual understanding and can help finding resolution of issues that might exist.
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