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The easiest way to describe channeling is having access to an information channel. When channeling one tunes into a frequency or channel, similar to the way you set up a radio station. At this frequency information is available and it is easy to contact spiritual guides and advisers. Questions can get answered from a higher perspective and sometimes life becomes easier knowing that you are not alone.” (Susanne Jönsson)

Course Curriculum

Channeling Courses Level I, II and III teach techniques how to communicate with the other side and how to enable communication between spirits and spiritual entities. Students learn how to manage different energy problems in a respectful manner and in a safe way.

The course also focuses on ethics and how, where and when to set limits. It is important to teach channeling in an ethical and safe manner. Usually students learn channeling effortlessly but the challenge lays in teaching the students to know when it is the right moment to practice channeling.

Channeling – Level I

Students learn how to:

  • Connect with their guides and advisers
  • Be able to communicate with guides and advisers
  • Apply ethics of what we do and why
  • Learn what not to do and why
  • Set limits and understand why when in contact with the other side
  • Use knowledge in a safe and secure manner

Requirements: For beginners, no previous knowledge is required.

Channeling – Level II

Students learn how to contact people’s guides and advisors. We train hands on and in depths with various “persona”, in different situations and circumstances. This course involves a lot of practice, communication and learning how to work safe in a straight and forward way.

Requirements: Channeling Level I

Channeling – Level III

This course is an advanced course where students are taught how to “clean houses” of different kinds of energy, close portals, use pointers and learn more about curry lines, vortex fields and other channeling related subjects.

Requirements: Channeling Level I, II