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Animal Communication & Healing

“I love all animals and I have the honor to be around them a lot. I learned how to communicate with them – actually the animals taught me how to a long time ago. Communicating with animals has enriched my life immensely. Animals are straight forward, honest and full of endless patience.” (Susanne Jönsson)

How to communicate with animals

Thoughts and emotions have a real electromagnetic energetic consequence. The ability to communicate telepathically with animals is building mutual understanding and can help finding resolution of issues that might exist. Just like humans animals can have traumas that are stored for a long time and cause the animal to alter its behavior or even fall ill by manifesting into symptoms or physical disease. Through communication the animals are able to describe their issues and pains, which can then be treated with energy healing, alternative, holistic therapy or traditional veterinary treatment.

Course Curriculum

Our animal and human teachers at Soul & Heart Journey School are devoted to train our students how to communicate and create understanding between humans and animals. We teach students how to help animals and their owners to understand each other better, which is the base of the healing process.

Animal Communication – Level I

Students learn the technique of how to communicate with animals and how to practice communication with their own animals or animals of family and friends. There are also several practice sessions with our animal teachers (actual animals), which guide the student through the communication process.

Requirements: For beginners, no previous knowledge is required.

Animal Communication – Level II

Level II teaches students how to take their learned communication skills to the next level and how to create a more clear and distinct language between animal and human. After completion of Level II students are allowed to practice on animals that don’t belong to themselves or friends and family.

Requirements: Animal Communication Level I

Animal Communication & Healing

This course is aimed at healers and therapists who want to learn how to use their healing ability on animals in a safe and correct way for the animal. The students will intensify communication and apply healing methods. Animals are more sensitive than humans and it is so easy to hurt them with energy that is either too strong or on the wrong frequency.

Requirements: Holistic Healing Basic Training Level I and II, Animal Communication Level I and II