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“We live in a time of changes and we all should help each other. One way to do this is through consciousness. When we reach higher levels of consciousness we automatically help other people reach more knowledge. Consciousness equals knowledge.” (Susanne Jönsson)

A higher consciousness means you can reach higher levels of knowledge that comes from within yourself, more specifically from your heart. It is knowledge, enlightenment and an understanding on all levels that exist within you and beyond.  It is an understanding of how everything is connected and affects each other in depth as well as on the surface, the ability to see the small details without losing the big picture.

Everything has a meaning and a reason, and we are all equally important in every context. When our consciousness expands, the human intelligence increases and new parts of the brain are activated. Some people are using their new knowledge for research or the development of new technology, others use it intuitively to explore more within themselves and to help and support others.

Course Curriculum

The Higher Consciousness course is divided into different parts, each part is equally important and leads to different levels of consciousness (= knowledge).

Higher Consciousness – Level I

1) Learn How to Live From The Heart

Many people would love to live from the heart, but very few people know how it is done. Maybe people have a vague idea about what to do in order to live from the heart and are satisfied with this. At Soul & Heart Journey school we believe this is not enough.

Students will learn that in the heart, there are two very specific places that one can learn how to reach. Course Level I teaches you how to reach these rooms in your heart. This is a level of knowledge that will help you throughout the rest of your life.

2) Activation of Crown

We will activate your crown, which is one part of your light body.

3) Activation of Third Eye

Through the crown being activated, the third eye will be activated.

4) Learn How to Use The PranaTube

You will also learn how to use your Pranatube, which is another part of your light body.

5) Learn How to Access Energy from Earth & Sun

Through your Pranatube you will learn how to access energy directly from the Earth and from the Sun, which are two of the most powerful energy and healing sources. Many teachers only teach techniques on how to receive energy from other people and not from the earth & sun.

Higher Consciousness Level II

1) Activation of Your Living Merkaba

The Merkaba is a part of your light body that has been inactive for more than 26 000 years. We now live in the time where we can once again activate it. It is the right of all human beings to activate their Merkaba which enables each of us to reach higher levels of consciousness and knowledge.

2) Learn How to Create the Life You Desire

When creating from the heart you get what you wish for without causing the opposite of what you want. Too many people create their desires from their rational side and thoughts; from their brain. Everything you create from the brain simultaneously creates the opposite as well. When you start to create from your heart in the right way, it is very effective and you often get results in a way that you could not imagine before.

Higher Consciousness Level III, IV and V

1) Learn How to Work With Collective Consciousness

We are working with a new level of consciousness. This level of consciousness is only for those who wish to take part and help with the work in the collective consciousness, to help the Earth and all humans on it reach the next level of knowledge.

2) Activate New Levels of Your Light body

New levels of the light body are activated step by step, and students learn how to use their light body consciously. When more people raise their consciousness to these levels, we help globally to reach the next level of consciousness.