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Holistic Healing

“Soul & Heart Holistic healing is a form of healing that considers the whole person and treating body, mind and spirit at the same time to achieve optimal health overall. All people have innate healing powers. Each person has all knowledge within. We only have to know how to pick up the right parts and learn how to work with them.” (Susanne Jönsson)

Course Curriculum

At Soul & Heart Journey School students will learn how to heal all parts of themselves first until they are taught how to develop and utilize healing techniques on others in a balanced safe way and with the feet on the ground. We believe that only when the student is well and in balance he/she can help and support others without losing their own energy and power.

Holistic Healing Basic Training – Level I, II, III

These courses are aimed for beginners. Basic Training Level I, II and III introduce the student to the world of energy healing. Energy healing is an exact and effective method to treat most health conditions. The basic training teaches the students to understand how energy works and how to effectively change its flow and strength with various techniques. Energy healing is a safe therapy without any negative side effects. The student/therapist is fully conscious of what they are doing and why they perform different parts of a treatment. Each of the training courses integrates classes in ethics and moral code, which must be followed because they are the foundation of our teachings in energy work.

The students get a good, secure and stable foundation for their future development. Their knowledge is built up to be stable and strong, one step at the time. All course levels contain a lot of hands on practice and training; all students learn how to feel comfortable and trust their knowledge during the treatments.

Holistic Healing Basic Training – Level I

This level is the foundation of all knowledge in holistic healing. Students will learn how to heal themselves and their family members.

Holistic Healing Basic Training – Level II

The students healing knowledge becomes more advanced as they learn different ways of working with the healing source within. The students learn how to reach deeper into the different levels of a human body for treatment & healing purposes.

Holistic Healing Basic Training – Level III

In this course the student will receive additional information and practice his/her knowledge and gets introduced and prepared for the next level of training (holistic therapist) if they wish to.

Holistic Healing Therapist Course – Module I, II, III, IV

This is the most extensive and advanced course we have to offer and at completion of the course the student will receive a certificate/diploma as “Holistic Therapist” and can work as such professionally. You will be able to treat and heal clients with all techniques and methods learned at Soul & Heart Journey School and according to national and international laws and requirements.
Students learn advanced treatment techniques to help work on deeper layers and with more power when treating clients. This training is only for those who seriously want to develop their healing power. Holistic Healing Therapy means that a healer is using his/her own energy and strength in order to work more effectively with clients. Healing treatments are done consciously and the therapist/healer as well as the client are totally aware of what is done and why.

The Holistic Therapist Course teaches students how to:

  • Analyze the client, know when, how and what needs to be treated
  • See and remove blockages
  • Understand why blockages are there
  • Help the client break the pattern that causes blockages
  • Refill energy where you have removed stagnation
  • Use different essences and frequencies of energy
  • Consciously influence the healing rate
  • Help patients see the connection between physical blockages and mental states (or behavior)
  • Flow and balance energy
  • Change the frequency of your energy if needed
  • Analyze, know when, how and what needs to be done to treat the client

Certification Holistic Healing Therapist

Requirements for receiving the approved Certification “Holistic Healing Therapist” are the successful completion of the following courses and practices:

  • Complete Healing basic training Level I, II, III
  • Channeling Level I
  • Channeling Level II (not required but recommended)
  • Regression Training
  • Complete Healing Therapist training, module I, II, III, IV

Upon completion of studies: Case reports of 30 client treatments, to be discussed and accredited by the teacher/s