Life can be both amazing and demanding some days.
And sometimes, we forget what to do about it!

Is this you?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the pressures of life, or that you’re not good enough?

You never know if you’re making the right choice, and sometimes that prevents you from making any decisions at all.

Are you struggling to find balance between work and private life, and  always say “Yes” when someone asks for your help?

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Life can be overwhelming sometimes; too much of just about everything, and saying no isn’t always easy.

This is where staying heart centered really makes a difference!

This will help you increase your self-esteem, handle stress, and make you feel great in your everyday life.

Knowledge for life!

Living a heart centered life will help you stand strong and feel good about yourself, inside and out.

You will increase your self-esteem, handle stress, stop worrying and take command of your life again, and actually enjoy the ride,  acting in life rather than reacting to it.

When you know how to live from your heart and stay heart centered, you can do it even when life is tough.

Head or Heart?

Trying to reduce stress by saying “no”?

From your Head: It makes you feel guilty and not good enough.

From your Heart: You feel in balance and happy with your decision.

Trying to increase self-esteem and self-love?

From your head: It makes you feel egocentric and bad about it.

From your Heart: You feel more loving and kind – to yourself and everyone around you.

My name is Susanne Jönsson, and I’m the founder of Soul and Heart Journey School, a school for personal and spiritual growth.

Our work is based on ancient knowledge in combination with the present knowledge we have on Earth today.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to meet more than 20,000 students and clients. I know that our teachings work – I witness it every day.

Today, I can say with confidence that you can change the way you feel, you can increase your self-confidence, and handle stress while maintaining your inner strength and balance. Actually, it is often much easier than you think.

If I can do it – so can you!

Susanne-Jönsson Stay Heart Centered

It will only take 5 minutes a day!

Online course: How to live from your heart – and stay heart centered

There are only two ways to be heart centered; either you can do this with your intention or by using a technique you have to learn.

“Why do I have to learn how to be heart centered?” you might ask, and the answer to that is simple: Because it’s more or less impossible to stay heart centered with intention alone, when life is a mess!

Yes, of course, when life is great and everything is simple, it’s easy to stay heart centered by choice – anyone can do that!

But, when life is overwhelming, when you get stressed out, anxious, or frustrated, that’s when you need an effective technique to help you stay heart centered.

When you know how to do this, stay heart centered even when life is tough, then you can stay calm, focused, be kind and loving, and actually enjoy everything that’s going on.


Online course: Dealing with stress

Feeling guilty when you have to say no?
-When you do it from your heart, you feel in balance and satisfied with your decision.


Online course: Dealing with anxiety

Feeling not good enough?

-When you handle anxiety from your heart, you learn to listen to your inner guidance, and you know that you can trust yourself, as well as make the right decision.


Online course: Improve self esteem and self love

Feeling egocentric when increasing self-esteem?

-When you do it from your heart, you feel more loving and kind – to yourself and to everyone around you.


Online course: Let your energy sensitivety be a gift – not a burden!

Are you an energy-sensitive person and want to be able to enjoy it? You can let your energy sensitivity be a gift – not a burden.


Online course: Stay Heart Centered – on the next level

Get daily tips to help you stay heart centered even on stormy days.

When life is a struggle: Reduce your worries, Increase your self-esteem, Handle stress, Free meditation and much more.


More bonuses: Articles, tips and e-books.

We’d like to give you more; plenty of articles for you to read. We hope they will inspire you. Inspire you to be creative, kind to yourself, and do the things you love.


More bonuses: App and e-guide.

And last but not least; you can download our app and e-guide. Here you’ll find everything you need to know in one place – to make it even easier for you!

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“I’m feeling better and am able to handle difficult situations without falling apart anymore.”

“It’s a great feeling to discover that the fear I have been carrying around is gone! It gives a lot of energy!”

“Now I understand why I have to do the Heart meditation every day – that’s my way to feel better, and it works!”

“When I live from the heart, I can opt out of irritation and conflict. I’m deeply thankful for these lessons.”

“Imagine being able to find this in such an easy way. It has made me feel that I am on the right path in life.”

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and personal support!


We are very proud and satisfied with our online courses, but we also know that they may not be for everyone.
Therefore, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and your entire fee back.
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We are here to help!

We believe in helping our Soul and Heart family to live from their heart and to stay there, even those days life gets complicated. That’s why Susanne Jönsson and her team, answer your questions on a daily basis.