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Our animals are wise.

Our animals are wise.

My name is Sabine Gartner and I communicate with animals and teach how to communicate with animals.

For many years I have been fascinated by the possibility to communicate/talk with animals and a few years ago I learned how to do it myself.

Sometimes it can mean so much to the animals owners to be able to ask questions to their animals to avoid being worried. It can be about food, other animals in the home walks, pain, traveling etc.

Baloo, Rottweiler: 

Sometimes I am tired and I can feel some stiffness in my right front leg. I like having massage and healing there. The body doesn´t always do what I want, but those times I am OK just taking it easy. I want something soft to lie on.

Tindra, Greek shepherd/Collie:                                                                                                                 

Question: What do you think about meeting new people?                                                                    

Tindra answers: I prefer having some distance at first when I meet a new person and it is difficult meeting many new people at the same time. I need to observe first. I need to do it at my pace so I feel safe.

Sometimes animals want to talk about specific things like injustice, love, respect etc.

Example: Bhakti, Rottweiler during a course in animal communication:

This is so good. You will be able to help so many animals to get a better life. Yes, that is how big this is. You will help them get a better life. Soon there will be many of you being able to communicate with animals and help to do all the work. Yes, it is a job and you would think everyone would take good care of, and being able to communicate with their animal. For us, it is so obvious that animals and people respect each other.

Example: Donna, Irish setter during a course in animal communication:

Can we talk in general about moral and respect? I think that is so SO important.  I would like to talk about this so the whole world could listen because I have so many wise things to say. What I want to talk about first, is how much is said with harsh words and how people talk to each other with such harshness. When are they going to understand what they are doing and what they cause?! When people understand on a deeper level how all these words influence others, the earth would be a better planet to live on. We would have less poverty and much MUCH more love. I love love! You will be good at spreading words. Come talk to me whenever you want and I think, I am convinced that my family thinks that is a good idea. They also want to spread love – possibly to the whole world.

Example during the same course after Donna: Bhakti, Rottweiler: 

I think I want to talk about…love or are you tired of that subject?(  Bhakti shows me a big smile ) There is so much love in this room and you are so many loving people but…how will you spread your message of love? Think of something. What can each one of you do to make a declaration of love or act of love? Think of something each and every one of you. What good can you do for another person and then, that act can spread as circles on the water?! And I mean something that does not have anything to do with the job you do. Think outside the box. Do something new. Do something you have thought of earlier or thought that you wanted to do but nothing has happened. Do it and do it now. Don´t wait too long. We need more love AND, above all, ACTIONS of love, that something is done. Not just stays as a thought or emotion. Think of that!

Sometimes animals want to inspire their owner to write about the messages the animals want many to hear.

Baloo, Rottweiler, our own dog.

Baloo told me so many wise things but his words just stayed for quite a long time on a paper…
We animals are wise. Respect us, we are worth it. Use us, we can handle it. Talk more with us. We have so much knowledge, sometimes we read you better than you can. I will help you and now we are going to reach out to others also. That will be nice. I will help you to write. We have to get the word out!

Baloo continued to talk about things he thought was important for us human beings to hear and in many other communications with animals, I heard dogs say that they want their wise words to be heard by many so I started getting ideas and this blog is just the beginning. They want to tell us more wise words and I will tell you about that another time. Thank you!

Do you know that everybody can learn how to communicate with animals?
// Sabine Gartner




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