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Our meaningful animals.

 Our meaningful animals

There are tons of reasons as to why we are important to our pets or the pets are important to us. In animal communication I often get to experience how much love the animal feels for their master. Or how proud the owner is over their dog or cat and so on…

It’s both fun and important

To me it’s both fun and important to socialize with animals. To be greeted by a happy dog at the door, when you’ve been to the store or come home after a long day at work, they get me in a good mood and make me feel good. I especially like to go courses with my dog and learn new tricks we can later practice at home.

The dog psychologist and author Anders Hallgren, says that when the pack animal gets to be a part of the family, they see themselves as a part of the family, the group, which in turn gives the animal a sense of security.

Physical contact

Physical contact to most animals is a way to reassert safety and belonging. It also lowers stress and releases endorphins, a morphine-like substance their bodies produce and gives us a calming sensation. Also, the release of the hormone oxytocin into our brains and has a similar effect on animals.

And that’s what it’s like for us humans too.

The same hormones is secreted when we pet an animal. For us humans, to feel a sense of belonging with an animal is often very important to us humans too.


An animal can be extremely important to the owner. Everything from a loyal friend. A friend you can “tell” all your secrets to. An animal can protect and warn us from danger. And they sense when we need comfort or when we need a distraction.

Pets like to express how much they like their owners during animal communication. One example of this is a cute ten year old dachshund i communicated with.

She told us:
– I just want to say I like my master very much. She’s the best. The best i know actually! She’s the pack leader.

I also asked about what was important in her life?
– A good pack. A pack like my own. It’s perfect!

That our pets are important to us, there are no doubts. I asked a few pet owners if they could answer why their animals are so important to them?

These are their answers:

– A dog can never be replaced by anything else. They are always just as happy when you come home. The dog can sense how you feel and when you’re down they comfort you. If we’re happy our dogs want to share that joy with us. A dog is always a true friend.
Lotta and Janne Nilsson, dog owners and they have been competing with and training dogs all their lives.

– A horse has got it’s own personality just like all other animals, and it takes time to get to know your own horse, but with time you grow closer. I’ve learnt to read my horse and he reads me (something he didn’t have to learn, horses know how to do that just fine on their own).
To own a horse is to be in the now, when I’m with my horse I have to me there and present in the now, to not have any accidents. When I ride I have to concentrate on what I’m doing, all worries disappear for the moment and gets replaced with joy and freedom. A long gallop i drizzling rain is one of the most refreshing things I know and makes both me and my horse happy.
Ann Carlsson, owner of a horse and four cats. Ann is also heavily involved in helping homeless cats.

– To live with a dog is healing! She’s always at my side through thick and thin, reading my mood and can get me to relax. During my tired days I would have never gotten out of the house without my dog. She helped me get better and feel more calm and stable.
Anna Lavin, dog owner to a wonderful schnauzer who makes Anna and her family’s lives better.

It’s good to hear… important the animals are to their owners and vice versa.
Keep socializing with your pets, both us and the pets feels better from that.

//Rose-Marie Axelsson

Source : Den gamla hunden/Anders Hallgren, foto Eivor Rasehorn

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