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Reporting Good News

We need Good News!

Soul & Heart blog
by Susanne Jonsson

There are so many strange things going on Earth right now. I know this is happening all over the World, heat records have been recorded for 14 months in a row in many countries. And there have been storms and rain alternating with extreme heat in others. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shake the Earth every day. The frequency of Earth increases all the time and all of this affects us all

We really need good news! It’s time to start Reporting the Good Stuff!


We are in the beginning of something new – a totally new level in human consciousness – and when everything has to find its new and perfect place, there has to be chaos for a while. It’s natural and a way to find balance.

pieces-of-the-puzzle-592798__180A puzzle

It’s like a puzzle that someone tried to fix – they couldn’t get it right from the beginning, some of the pieces are not in their proper place – they had to be “hammered in” to fit. Now, when it’s time to find the perfect place for all and everything, the old puzzle has to break apart first – that’s the chaos we are in right now.

But not everywhere!

There are so much good going on too, the thing is that you don’t hear this as much. The media is not reporting about things that work, things that have been fixed. There is no money to make from balanced people…

The media likes us to be afraid, stressed and wants us to feel insecure. When we are, we are easy to control.

Let’s change this together!

Leave a comment and I will publish your good news under your name!

Let’s do this together! Leave a comment and tell everyone about things that work, things that make us happy, solutions that help our planet to heal on all levels.  Write about solutions that help the animals, the oceans, our nature and, of course, solutions that help humans live a better life. I will publish your comment under your name (if you write it) and always put the latest good news at the top of the page.

Love to hear from you!

 // Susanne
Soul & Heart Journey School

A major shift in consciousness

Titta! Även djuren genomgår en höjning av medvetandet (ifall någon tvivlade på det…)…/major-shifts-consciousness-ob…/
Visst är det underbart hur allt hänger ihop?
Kram från Karin

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Humans have long thought themselves to be the smartest animals on the planet, but evidence continues to reveal that even with little shared DNA – animals are catching up, and perhaps even surpassing our own evolutionary intelligence.

Some philosophical perspectives suggest that this anthropomorphic egocentrism is misplaced, since all creatures, not just people have ‘mind,’ which is capable of evolving toward higher levels of consciousness. We share a quarter of our DNA, after all, with a single grain of rice, but there is something even more intelligent in our design, and many believe it permeates everything. Read more

Dalai Lama’s guide to happiness

I’m right and you are wrong!

I love this one – he knows what he is talking about! Telling media “I’m right and you are wrong! There are progress in this World but media don’t report it!
(Swedish sound with English text)

This goes straight in to my heart!

From Ellinor Gedda: A really special kid <3

children-477878__180Jag hittade en jättebra grej att rapportera: en skola i Baltimore som tagit bort kvarsittning och istället erbjuder eleverna meditation i ett speciellt rum inrett för avslappning.
Förutom att sitta ner och hitta tillbaka till lugnet får de möjlighet att prata igenom vad som hänt och hur de reagerat med en vuxen. Sedan de införde detta för två år sedan har skolan inte behövt stänga av en enda elev.
I found a great thing to report: a school in Baltimore decided to replace detention with meditation. Instead of detention they offer the students a chance to meditate in a room specially decorated to be peaceful and relaxing. Apart from letting the kids calm down they also get a chance to talk through the incident with an adult and express their emotions and reactions. Since starting this program two years ago the school hasn’t issued a single suspension.

Ellen tries to find good news

This is not new – but funny! Ellen tries to find good news – it’s not always easy – but really funny!

Could there be life in space?

Peter U

Could there be life in space?
Astronomers will present results from a unique Europa observing campaign that resulted in surprising evidence of activity that may be related to the presence of a subsurface ocean on Europa (Jupiter’s moon).

Do trees have brains and talk to each other?

Amy Stuart Do trees have brains and talk to each other?

They are intelligent, express emotions and make friends, claims a new book.

Read more:

Dogs Can Actually Understand What Humans Are Saying, Study Says

Susanne Jonsson

We’ve always known that dogs understand us on incredibly personal levels

– but in a recently released study, we now have concrete evidence that dogs not only understand our feelings, but the exact words we’re saying.

Under härliga 13 månader kommer…

…lyckans planet Jupiter att hjälpa oss människor att utvecklas och nå ett högre medvetande.

During glorious 13 months will…

…good fortune planet Jupiter, help all humans to develop and reach a higher consciousness.

Annelie Gedda

Expansion,  flöde och medvetandehöjning bildas i Jupiters farvatten.
Även astrologin pratar om medvetande höjningar, flöde och expansion!
(sorry – only in Swedish this time – please use google translate this time )
Läs mer här!

Vatten har minne! – Water has Memory!

Christel Holmberg

This is a true King talking!

– Det vi kaller hjem kan ikke alltid plasseres innenfor landeg…
Kong Harald: «Nordmenn tror på Gud, Allah, altet og ingenting. Nordmenn liker Grieg, Kygo, Hellbillies og Kari Bremnes».

This is a true King talking!
– What we call home can not always be placed within the country …
King Harald: “The Norwegians believe in God, Allah, altet and nothing. Norwegians like Grieg, Kygo, Hellbillies and Kari Bremnes’.

This is a great idea!

Retirement Home where students can live for free
Take a look inside the Dutch retirement home where students live for free when they spend 30 hours a month socializing with the older residents.

“Get up. We have to finish this.”


I want to report this good stuff:New Zealand Runner Stops In Her Olympics Semi-Final To Help An Injured Competitor Finish

Another inspiring human…beautiful

Nina S

Would love to share my passion

Nina S
Awesome ideas this blog and sharing ideas! Love you Susanne always! You are awesome!

Would love to share my passion here…:)Number one thing that causes direct impact on this planet and its inhabitants?!
What contributes to healing?! It is simple! Everyone can take part in it!

Reduction and end of being directly responsible for the pain suffering and death of others. Treating your fellow humans and non human animals as you would like to be treated. Once we stop taking part in cruelty by eating and wearing animals and animal products many positive things are happening concerning our health – the environment- climate – social issues – if we eat violence we can’t expect to create full peace within and around us. Its not just food – its energy. The stress pain and cruelty that was inflicted on an animal that we eat – this energy and the information of its experience we swallow too….

Personally one of the most important book ever written about the positive impact a single person can have – ( it’s a life changer so be aware! LOL) – is THE WORLD PEACE DIET by Dr. Richard Tuttle. Support this really awesome human being and author by buying the book (or otherwise if you can’t afford it he offers it also for free as pdf on his website.)

Please spread the word! GO VEGAN ! For the animals yourself and the planet!

For anyone out there to contemplate and meditate on:
“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

Your choices matter!

Love and light!

Book The World Peace Diet

Here is quick 6 minutes of your time with Dr. William Tuttle

A landscaped bridge to simulate nature

Rose-Marie Axelsson

This is something I think’s amazing!  The transport department in Sweden are building a bridge over a highly trafficked main road designed for animals to pass over. A landscaped bridge to simulate nature so the animals can cross unharmed.

People are good! <3

Miriam Sundlöf 
Rob Greenfield traveled to a far away country on a one way ticket and with nothing more than his passport in his pocket to prove that people are good!
Check this out:

Star Size Comparison.

A powerful perspective. Difficult to understand, but very interesting. To believe that we on Earth always knows best can be termed as stupid ;-).

World Position in 2 minutes

I just got a tips about this video – World Position in 2 minutes (only in Swedish but with great graphics – easy to understand in all languish)
Jag fick just tips om denna videon – Världsläget på 2 minuter:

I like to start with this video “The Entire World needs to hear this”



  1. Eva

    Hej! Jag vill gärna berätta vad som kommit till mig sedan 1970 talet angående det som händer på Jorden just nu. 1975 fick jag veta att det skulle komma många småkrig, naturkatastrofer framledes. Det skulle tyvärr mynna i ett större krig. Efter det skulle änglar komma ner på jorden och förbereda oss för Jesus återkomst. Jag har också från flera olika källor, båda talat och skrivet och vid olika tidpunkter oberoende av varandra fått till mig att Jorden ställer in sina poler, för att när ljusstrålen som skickas går rakt genom axeln. Jorden och alla innevånare går från natt till dag och den nya tiden är här i fullt ljus. Och vi behöver höja vår frekvens och medvetande. Det händer så mycket nu och jag har aldrig sett så många prata om och acceptera samt ta emot och leva med änglars hjälp. Jag ber mycket för de människor som är “drabbade” av krig och naturkatastrofer. Jag älskar er och det fina ni gör. Ni hjälper mig verkligen eftersom jag också blir”drabbad” och kommer ur balans. Hjärtmeditationen ger mig oerhört mycket. Tack från djupet av mitt hjärta. Eva Thuning

    • Susanne

      Hej Eva

      Ja, det händer mycket på många plan. Hjärtmediationen hjälper verkligen och jag är glad att du använder den.

      // Susanne

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