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As long as I live from the heart, I can opt-out of irritation and conflict.

” I have participated in the online course Find your inner knowledge and your life’s purpose.  The main thing I carry with me from this course is that I learned to live from the heart! However, it is a solid but easily accessible course where I received help and tools for, among other things, finding my own strength, anchoring my heart in the earth and the sun, understanding who I am and where I come from, finding my life lesson and my life’s purpose. Living from the heart has affected not only me but also my family and close friends. As long as I live from the heart, I can opt-out of irritation and conflict. It helps us to live in a safe and harmonious existence. I am deeply thankful for these lessons. “// Åsa 

 For me personally, it meant that I now know what I’m going to work with.

“The online course which is about how to “Find your life’s purpose and your inner knowledge” was very exciting. I got a better understanding of what makes me “fall out of the heart” and tools how I can choose to think and act instead. To find my life´s purpose was great. Imagine being able to find this in such an easy way. It feels good to know my life’s purpose! This is something that I think many people would get satisfaction from knowing. For me personally, it meant that I now know what I’m going to work with. It has also made me feel that I am on the right path in life.”// Rose-Marie 

” Best investment for life that I have done!

“It’s a great feeling to discover that the fear I have been carrying has been released! It gives a lot of energy! Now I can deal with my anxiety and I have the tools to deal with my fears. All the energy I put on this… I can now use it on everything that is important in my life instead. ” // Helena

 ” I will have this tool with me forever!

“I have gained access to my mental ”handbrake” and I often use “Do I want to? Can I? Can I manage?”. It has been very helpful to ask myself these questions on a number of occasions during the course weeks. I will have this tool with me forever. It is good that you can go back again if there is a part of the course that you need to work on some more. This course is a good tool and I feel I will warmly recommend it to both my clients and others who feel that the stress is taking over their lives.” // Rosie

Helped me to help myself feel better as a person

It has helped me to find a solid foundation to stand on, I have taken some pretty harsh things in recent years. Things that I today can think back on and feel “Wow, that was probably not so bad …” This even surprised me a little bit! The gratitude I feel because of this cannot be described in words.”// Annelie 

Be inspired

You have shared important knowledge that makes life easier. A guidebook to lean on. This gives me strength inside. //Cecilia

 I have been given tools to work with when I’m feeling stressed out.

The love for myself… I had lost myself. I’ve learned how to deal with fears, if I can do something about or release them. A big thank you for this course. <3 It has helped me see how I think in different situations and taught me how I can act from it. Love the bubble. //Anette

I am feeling a nice quiet within me.

With simple tools, my life will look different from now on. But it is as with other things, I need to work on it! Writing down the reason behind my stress made it very clear to me how I function. When I wrote my worries down and went down into my heart and released them, it felt so nice! To me, there was a bit of repetition, but I realized that I needed it. The love for myself has reached a deeper level. Thank you! I will recommend this course! //Helena

It has helped to get an understanding of the reasons behind the stress.

Still, it has been difficult to get it right in life, guess it is because this is not a quick fix but longtime work. I have gained access to my mental ”handbrake” and I often use “Do I want to, can I, can I manage”. It has been very helpful to ask myself these questions on a number of occasions during the course weeks. So I think I will be able to carry this tool with me as an asset in the future, when I perhaps have a lot on my plate again. 😉 Really it is about me needing to increase the love I have for myself. I can feel that I by now should know and be able to do it, but there are even more levels to it and I needed more practice on this. 🙂 😉

To manifest one’s life…

When life is plodding along it is so easy to forget that we are actually the creators of our own lives. I create stress in my life, but also all the positive things. So, yesterday I went in and created some more again. It felt so good to go in and create a future vision. It is good that you can go back again if there is a part of the course that you need to repeat. The course is a good tool and I feel I will warmly recommend it to both my clients and others who feel that the stress is taking over their lives. So thanks a million, Susanne. <3 I knew when I registered to this course that there were parts that I needed to work on. 😉 One is never perfected. Hugs Rose-Marie

I have learned to sort out and avoid the things I don’t need, and I feel much more balanced!

I have learned to handle worry and stress. Realized that I need to work on the love for myself continuously. To go into the heart with “the five-minute routine” is easy in everyday life.

And some from our history …

Student Testimonials 2019 –             

Hello Susanne. To hear my Spirit name was for me the best thing that happened in the whole course. I would have been satisfied with just that. (Eve) This course has been very good and I have learned a lot. The instructions were very easy to understand and easy to follow. I feel that I have grown in my spirituality and have acquired a depth in my knowledge. I like the concept of remote learning because I can study when I have time, the backside of it is that I may lack the team spirit that comes from meeting other people. (Irene) It was exciting to do a Web course. I think it has been important and good to have you guiding us throughout the course. If it would have been up to me alone to go through the exercises, I am certain that I would have forgotten something essential. Great to learn new things about yourself. (Rosemary) Thank you for a valuable and very good course. It has been easy to follow you in the meditation. Previously, I had a hard time getting into my heart. But now it’s a piece of cake, and for that, I am extremely happy and grateful. You are a really good teacher. (Carol) I am so grateful that I have taken the time and passed this course. Meditation, healing, spirituality, and more – I have worked on this for many years, more or less, the last few years a little less. These exercises from the heart are powerful and comfortable to be in, especially when I worked a lot with my brain. Then it feels like a great relief to sink into my heart. There are some things that have become clearer and I know that more will come. (Gunilla) I felt that the course was very good and informative and above all, bewildering!  🙂 Thanks, now I get to process everything and immerse myself in the subject. (Anico) Many thanks for this opportunity to grow in my power! A fantastic weekend! (G) Thanks for letting me be here and grow, at the end of my old self and the beginning of my new. (Anne) Great days! New insights, knowledge, and skills – am so inspired to go home and work! (Rose-Marie) Am so happy and grateful for this new knowledge. I will use it with love and respect! (Lena)

Student Testimonials 2017-

Once again, I’m just happy, I never laugh as much as when I’m here, and yet I learn so many new things all the time – how do we have time for that? (Maja) Wow, what we can accomplish over a weekend, am already longing for level 2. (Ann-Sofie) Safely and lovingly, we all grow! (Annelie) We are one and we are love – have never felt more true! Thank you for giving me this experience! (Gunnel) Lots of power and strength, now I can move on! (Diana) This was needed! Thanks! (Carol) Thanks for the additional insight. I’ll have to see what will become of all this … (Maria) An exciting weekend! Filled with warmth and laughter. Fun to learn something new. (Tommie) As usual, tired and need to digest it all; the soul knows that this was great and that I will have much use of this knowledge – now my head just needs to get it too … (Filip) This weekend I will never forget! I come home with priceless knowledge – for the rest of my life! (Josephine) Wisdom! To take part of this knowledge is great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (N) A weekend to remember, the beginning of something new, or really – the continuation of something obvious now when I remember! (Asa)

Student Testimonials 2015 –

Lovely! Humorous! Rewarding! Creation! Warming! Awesome! Wonderful! (Stina) Thanks for a different experience! It wasn’t like I thought it would be – it was even better! (Christine) New insights, fun, and educational! (M) A major step closer to my goal! (Olivia) Thanks for new doors and opportunities opening up. It’s very exciting… (Anette) Again, a lesson and an extraordinary experience. You raise us up to unprecedented levels. (D) Thanks for your support in this difficult time of my life. (C) Thanks for having me. The visit is important as always, I have learned amazing things! (Loviisa) Exciting, stimulating – imagine that I really am this wise!?! (Marita) Lots of new knowledge, hope it never ends. (Iris) Thanks for a great course. Simple and packed, as usual, gave a taste for more … (Sara) It’s exciting to look forward to a new tomorrow and get to use everything I learned. (Kenth)

Student Testimonials 2013 –

Thanks Susanne for a great meeting! A lovely start to a new year! (Birgit) A group, a meeting to remember a long time – we are all sisters and brothers in our heart. (Stephanie) Lovely energies in motion will be used in a powerful way. (Inger) To make things as easy as possible and yet so comprehensible! (Lotta) Interesting introduction to the world of healing, it gives you a taste for more. (Vivvi) The beginning of something new! (Ingrid) Now the journey begins … Thank you for the confidence and knowledge you provide on the road. (Anna) As usual, a wonderful, enlightening and confusing weekend – now I have to think … (Carina) Really Lovely! Really exciting! (Lena) Fun with new exciting meetings – on many levels, completely unexpected that I could do this… (M-B) Thanks so much for a wonderfully rewarding weekend that gave me so much and opened new doors. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would be like this. 😀 (Therese) Glorious days of laughter, energy, lovely people and last but not least, all the tears … Many thanks for all that has happened. (Irene)

Student Testimonials 2011 –

An adventure has begun! (Birgitta) Many thanks for the great energies! (Mona) I’ve been waiting sooo long for my place on this course … It was worth it !! (Anita) Enlightening and uplifting (H) My life and my relationship with all animals have changed forever! (Kristina) For every course, I take a step forward, and my understanding increases. Thank you for another fine course. (Vivianne) Many thanks for all the help! (Angling) You are a helping angel with your feet on the Earth – Thanks for being here for us! (Daniel) Thanks for everything I have learned from you during this amazing weekend. (Lotta) Thanks for being there and for all the work you are doing for all of us. (Camilla) For me a brand new, instructive knowledge to take part of – thanks! (B) A tumultuous weekend – the world just gets bigger and bigger … (Ewe)

Student Testimonials 2010

Thanks for a different training that goes beyond anything I have experienced and learned. (Marie) A clear, loving and beautiful training! (Ann-Marie) New knowledge – valuable technique! (Lena) Many pieces in place – thanks! (pot) My own wonderful day – thank you! (Bitte) As always, surpassed even my high expectations. Thank you so much! (Fredrik) Much knowledge – many laughs, a precious weekend together (Inger) An educational, intense and fun course – knowledge for life (Helen) Many insights! (Mollie) T wo interesting days – where will this end? (Richard) New friends, new insights, new hope (Gunilla) I’m just so happy! – Thanks! (Jenny)

Student Testimonials 2009

A fantastic weekend – God, I’m happy! (Jenny) Hugs, hugs, hugs to everyone on the course (Yvonne) Finally here again! Beginning of improvement (A) This is for real! and so amaaaazingly fun! (Carin) There is something magical about being here – everything is alright. (Thina) Thank you. You gave me the courage to find my feelings and to live them. (Mona) Thank you for all the knowledge you provide – all in a warm lovely environment. (Britannica) A wonderful weekend (Susan) Thanks for the friendly welcome (Agnes) Fears in the beginning, but the liberation and lessons that came when they went away… (Kerstin) A new stage and a new beginning (Cinna) Just what I need! (Linda)

Student Testimonials 2008

Great to see how something so fishy can become so obvious and natural! Are infinitely grateful. (F) One step at a whole new road! (Lena) Even more question marks have been straightened out – now I get it! (Mary) Fantastic! And this is just the beginning – soon we’ll meet again. 🙂 (R) Right now I feel subdued… It’s great to be here. I want so much so quickly but realize that everything must take its time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Helen) Thank you for warmth, knowledge, love, and so many laughs – miss you already … (Pia) A truly great team we have been this weekend, new power, new times – so exciting! (Lena) Thanks for a wonderful experience – which I never thought possible, looking forward to the next part… (Sonia) Thanks for being here and for having chosen to do what you do. A year ago, I came here for the first time and I was very sick. Now I am almost completely recovered. The only thing I can give you back is love, I have confidence in life again. (Lisa) Very worthwhile! (Britannica) Interesting – everyone can do it! Even I! 😉 (Anita) Useful knowledge! (Pia)

Student Testimonials 2007

Thanks for letting me come here, see all this beauty, and meet all these wonderful people. (S) Thanks for a great day filled with power and love. I am so grateful to share these experiences with you. (Ilse) A brand new inspiring weekend! (Cecilia) Thank you for an interesting and educational day. Thanks for your patience with all my questions. (L) Lovely! Beautiful! Beautiful! Doors have been opened – doors that I did not even know existed… (Ann) Bewildering! (Pia) Wonderful days, a lot to take in – and the fun we had! (Barbro) Thanks for a lovely weekend with your wise loving animals. (Kristina) Lots of laughter and so much giggle – all mixed with lovely insights – thanks! (Jimmie) An enjoyable and rewarding weekend! (Cecilia) A lovely weekend with lovely people – a wonderful experience! (Elaine) Thanks for all the doors opened – I will never close them again! (Ann)

Student Testimonials 2006

The calm has come, have found harmony, life will never be small – life is always great… (Sophie) How fun all the time! 😀 Imagine being able to laugh and cry so much together, you never forget! (Boel) I do not know how to thank you, words feel meager… But thanks for healing, laughter, tears, knowledge, wisdom – for an amazing experience. (Marie) I can not describe with words. I have met myself – my true self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (Freddie) Yet a little wiser – a wonderful weekend! (Elaine) New insights, new knowledge – a thoroughly nice community (N) Wonderful! Discovering new dimensions that I did not know existed… (Chris) Thanks for a wonderful weekend and for the greatest gift of all – I can talk to animals!!! (Lina) You have opened my eyes, now I can never close my eyes to who I am… (Johan) An awesome weekend! (Eva) Simple, obvious – absolutely wonderful! I’m home … (Sara) Thank you and the animals, you have taught me how to listen! (Linnea)

Student Testimonials 2005

What lovely days (Linda) Thanks for a very cozy afternoon, it feels so good! (Isabell) Thanks! I have learned so many new things! (Jane) Thanks for a great, great, rewarding and expanding day! (T) Always fun to be here! (Marie) Thanks so much for two very short days – how fast can time go ??? (Nina) The knowledge about energies is next to chemistry! :D(Cari) Completely unexpected and absolutely fantastic! (Annelie) Thanks for the help, dear! (Gunnel) Everyone has their own role and I have begun to find mine… (Birgitta) Thank you – do not think it needs to be said. (R) Can there be a better day? – treatment-day with Susanne! (Maja)

Student Testimonials 2004

This is just the beginning! (J) What a trip! Many thanks to all of you! (Elisabeth) A wonderful place on Earth to be and great people and animals to meet. (Lena) It begins to go together now – it feels good!  (A) Wow! Never has something felt more natural! The first time I attended a course which gave me the desire to change my occupation. (Sara) There Is so much to add, but I find no words … Thank you! (Margaretha) Thanks for everything, Beautiful soul! The world needs more warm hearts and fewer hotheads. (Dani) It was a fantastic weekend, the progress has been great and all participants nice. (Ethan) What a fun weekend! I am completely exhausted. (Katharina) Thank you so much for the incredible experiences, I cannot wait ‘til the next step. (Ewa) This was the best I’ve done in a long time! See you again soon. (Anette) This was a bewildering experience, from my heart – thanks! (Maria)

Student Testimonials 2003

You learn new things every day, but some days you learn more. These two days have been like that. (Pia) Things that were difficult and incomprehensible became simple and obvious – thanks! (Gunnel) Exciting! (Agneta) Thank you for an informative and fun weekend! (Pernilla)