Founder of Soul & Heart Journey School

I am humbly grateful for all the good people I have met through my work as teacher and therapist so far. I love my work and I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with you.

// Susanne

Therapist, Healer, Teacher, and Author

Susanne Jönsson is a certified holistic therapist & teacher with over 20 years of professional work experience. She is working with clients that seek to improve their well being with holistic treatments & therapy and is guiding them through their healing process. She also is teaching students integral holistic therapies, shares her knowledge about healing and how to live from the heart in everyday life. Her passion is to help people find their inner knowledge.


Susanne studied many years in the field of ancient healing systems and practices, diagnostic healing techniques, therapeutic healing touch, inner-work therapy, vibrational medicine, energy field healing, bio-field therapy and other energy body-mind-soul work.

Work Experience

Susanne has two decades of experience as a holistic therapist and has treated several thousands of clients from all over the world by now. Since 2002 she is working full-time as a holistic therapist, energy healer, spiritual counselor and principal teacher. Her treatment successes and her effective methods of teaching have gained her great respect and a long-standing reputation in the professional community and amongst students and clients.

Methods / Techniques

Her knowledge is based on ancient and new wisdom existing on the earth today. Susanne is working on all levels; from physical to emotional and spiritual levels, depending on each patient’s case. The energy work she does consists of various treatments and techniques to heal and/or drastically improve a variety of health issues from minor pains to severe diseases. Over the past 20 years, she has developed a unique method in order to achieve the patient’s goals effectively. The various techniques that are taught at Soul & Heart Journey School are derived from those years of training and work experience.

Soul & Heart Journey School

Over the past years, Susanne’s work has changed due to an increasing number of clients and a fast-growing interest of people wanting to learn from her and/or become therapists themselves. The founding of a larger scale school was needed and Soul & Heart Journey School was born.


Susanne has taught close to a thousand students by now. Soul & Heart Journey School has trained 70 people that are now working as fully trained and certified Holistic Therapists in Sweden and other parts of the world. 20 of those experienced and certified teachers teach at Soul & Heart Journey School in Sweden now. Four of the teachers are also teaching internationally.


Susanne treats clients at her practice at Soul & Heart Journey School headquarters. She also teaches at the school, gives lectures and is the author of several books. She has developed all course materials in conjunction with the latest knowledge available. The Earth is changing all the time and we have to change accordingly hence all course content gets periodically adjusted and updated.


There are wonderful people around the world that are doing their part to improve and make Soul & Heart Journey School the best way possible. It is an amazing teamwork, thank you all for that!

In her own words:

I am humbly grateful for all the good people I have met through my work as teacher and therapist so far. I love my work and I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with you. Please join us. It would be an honor to have you as part of our community.” With love, Susanne Jönsson