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Become a Soul & Heart Affiliate.

We’ve received a lot of questions on how to become a Soul & Heart Affiliate, and I’m happy to help you with this.

Over the years, I’ve become more and more convinced that the only way to change the World is through consciousness, and I know that it sounds complicated – but it’s not!

It’s the easiest thing actually.

The only thing, you and I need to do, is to live from the heart – for real. When we are living from the heart, we make better decisions for ourselves and for others. We handle life in a better way, and we can achieve inner balance and wellbeing in our lives.

Together, we Can change the World, and it’s easy to do it!

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Become a Soul & Heart Affiliate – it’s FREE

We want to help you when you help us.

As a Soul & Heart Affiliate, You’ll earn 50% of all membership fees (recurring every month) and online courses that the visitors you send to us will join – yourself included.

  • Do you want to learn how to help yourself feel better, handle stress, increase quality of life, and live from your heart?
  • Do you want to help other people do the same?
  • Do you want to earn some money at the same time?

As a Soul & Heart Affiliate, you can do all of this – while getting paid for it.

You can help yourself and others to improve your/their life, feel better, handle stress and more. When you become a Soul & Heart Affiliate, for FREE, you help make a change in this World.

This is how it Works…

Step 1: Apply for free

Use the link below

Step 2: Learn more about us

On our membership site, members learn how to help themselves feel better, handle stress, increase quality of life, how to work with self-love and live from the heart.

Step 3: Tell your friends

Tell those you think might be interested in our membership and/or online courses. Inside your affiliate dashboard, you’ll find different links and emails that you can use.

Step 4. Enjoy 

When you have done your part and people are starting to join in, your earnings will be paid out monthly whenever revenue has been earned.

We are here to support and assist you in any way we can. Our goal is to help you become a successful affiliate and a prosperous person at the same time.

Let’s help each other make the world a better place!

// Susanne Jönsson
Founder of Soul & Heart Journey School

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