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Stress – an opportunity to make a change! Read more >>

The Stress can give you an opportunity to make a good change!

Through all our lives, we will face changes. Life consists of changes, if we hadn’t changed, we would have stagnated as human beings.

If you have become ill from stress, it could be that you due to a repetition of a bad habit, for a long time, ignored the signals to make a change.

Even though your body and mind are pushing you towards a change, you’re still hoping it will stop just by ignoring the signals. This doesn’t work in the long run. We need to make a change for the signals to stop.

Ironically, even the idea of a change can make us feel stressed.

Living and feeling well are based on more than how we feel. Our response to happenings in our ongoing lives is also a big parameter.

Regardless of what’s changing, the change has begun with a thought or as a feeling within someone.

The effect of a change that awakens in one person can affect others.

It can be a change within a company that affects employees.

It can be a change within an individual that can affect an entire family.

In this way, you can be affected by another person’s change and choice.

How you react and respond to the change is your choice. Sometimes we need help dealing with and to adjust to the change. All your feelings and beliefs may be put to the test. It is these feelings that make us human.

Changes can be very slow, sometimes the change is gradual, without us being aware of it. Sometimes we can feel that there is something going on, but we cannot point it out. Sometimes it’s very fast and you feel like you’ve struck by a lightning.

Changes always succeed best when they are well-rooted from within. This applies both to an individual or an organization. For a thought or action.

A change is a process. It is a motion and a possibility for us to learn to move forward, with the opportunity for new insights and thus we can develop as a human or an organization.


We have a responsibility how we respond to a change, how we respond is our choice!

Sometimes this is simple and positive but sometimes difficult.

Depending on what consequences a change can have, understand that you choose how to react. On some occasions, we need to make decisions about how to act on a change made by others. Not always easy.

So be proud of yourself for taking responsibility for your feelings, actions and for your courage to face the change!

To meet the feelings that arise when we need to make a change takes courage.  Sometimes it is “only” how we think of the situation that needs to change and sometimes we need to act differently.

Just the thought of change can wake up our fears. It is good to get to the bottom of what the fear stands for, analyze it and then relate to it.

Often, we can have some thoughts and strong feelings about what the coming change will do to our current lives. But that is what they are, thoughts and feelings.

Our body and mind react to what we think will happen when we choose to make a change. This makes us sometimes stressed out.

Honestly! We don’t have the full understanding of what a change will be like or the result of it.  We can have all kind of thoughts about how it will be. But we don’t really know until later.

What ultimately drives us to make a change is that we know that we cannot keep on doing the same as we did before. It isn’t working. Understanding this will lead to our own choice to make a change.

When we choose to make changes that are rooted in our heart, it will be right for us. Not always easy, but right.


Note! Always take all important decisions when you are calm.

Never decide anything when you’re upset! If you are upset, WAIT!

Are you angry? WAIT!

Are you irritated? WAIT!

So, try to always make decisions when you’re calm and feel safe!

Get help from someone you trust! Sometimes we need to ease our heart before we can move on.

If you have learned Soul & Heart Journey Schools “Heart Meditation”, you have a good technique and place from where you can make your decisions. When living from your heart, doing the Heart Meditation each day, you won’t feel irritation or anger. If you do, you have “slipped” out. As soon as you notice; You can easily tone your way down to your heart again.

Take advice from your Higher Self!

You can ask your question while in your heart about your next step and what’s best for you now!

Listen to the answer!

You will get another, a Higher perspective, on your situation. Trust yourself!

You can….

Learn the technique how to live from your heart!

Learn how to make changes from your heart!

Learn how to make decisions from your heart!

You can…

Learn how to meditate and to anchor yourself in the earth and the sun.

Learn to Love yourself

Repeat ”I Love Myself” 3 times whenever you do it!

Learn to understand that you are worth feeling good!

Repeat “I deserve to feel great” as a minimum 3 times every time you do it!

Download Soul & Heart Journey Schools app.

When done, you will have the meditation with you everywhere you go. It’s just for you to listen and follow the instructions.

You can start with listening to the meditation every day! Begin here, when you learned the meditation, you can take your next small step!

Reward yourself for the progress you make.

Let it sink in. Notice and feel the satisfaction of your choice.

I believe in you, and I know you can do it!

With hope and warmth!


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