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The Animals like you, just the way you are. Read more >>

I’ve got the privilege of being a dog owner and my dog Estelle, is amazing at spreading joy and happiness. Everyone who’s got a dog can probably relate to being met at the door by an overjoyed dog, no matter if you just took out the garbage or went to work for a few hours.

A pet is an expert on loving you just the way you are.

No matter if you are tall or short, got a certain taste in music and so on…

During my years as an animal communicator, I’ve never come across a pet who’s had opinions on their owner’s hair, taste in fashion, weight or the like.

We pet owners usually love our pets just the way they are. With short or long fur, with a black or white spot around the eye.

Often I find that it’s the little quirks that make the owners even prouder of loving their pet.

Comments like: “My dog has a long tale for their breed. But who cares. I love my dog above all else anyway.”

What is it the animals can “see” in their owners they themselves can’t always appreciate.

No dog in the world would ever be embarrassed by their owner.

Us humans are also experts in a whole lot, just like animals.

But when it comes to how we look or who we are. Then it can sometimes be a bit harder for us to find the love to ourselves.

Animals have a built-in ability according to me to like oneself just like they are.

While we humans have a whole lot to learn from them when it comes to being satisfied with oneself.

Sometimes I feel like there are people who only want to socialize with pets. But why is that? There can obviously be many reasons why. But I think it’s because animals don’t judge us, they love you just the way you are. Whether you’ve got a pimple on your nose or not.

Can you also become just as loving?

We could also do with being kinder to ourselves and like us no matter the length of our legs or that dark mark or your arm.

No one else – human or animal – can ever help you find 100% love to ourselves. That is something you have to work on, on your own.

How do you gain more love for oneself?

One effective tool is to say to yourself:

“I love myself, and I am worthy of feeling good!”

Repeat this sentence three times in the morning and three times in the evening. And when needed. When needed means, those moments you “beat yourself up” over something. For example, when you tell yourself you are not good enough or when you feel like a failure.

We are all worthy of feeling good. I am sure of beauty coming from the inside and when we feel good, it reflects on to your exterior.

Just like our pets. When a dog feels well and is happy then it walks with its tail up.

When humans feel good, it shows in the way we move too.

To learn to love oneself just the way you are, can do a lot for both your health and the soul.

If you would like to learn more about how to strengthen the self-love, I can wholeheartedly recommend this online course “ Learn how to love yourself”

Have a good one and don’t forget that our pets are experts on loving you just the way you are. Now it’s your turn to learn that THAT is the truth.

// Rose-Marie

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