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The Energy in Your Life.

There are both the events that give you energy and make you feel good and what drains you or takes your energy. Are you aware of where you put your energy? Are you aware of how you use your energy? Where do you get stuck?

Minus = Things Taking Your Energy!

In a simplified way, we can say that what takes your energy is what’s happening to you in your life. You can experience events that cause trauma and crises, both the trauma and the crises take your energy. Even your reaction to what’s happening, the stress you’re experiencing, the relationships you have, the anxiety and the fears you know and how you perceive your reality are “things” that take your energy.

Be aware of: much of what creates stress in our lives is our own thoughts. We become our own worst enemies when we get stuck in our negative thoughts.

Here we need to learn to understand, that our brain can’t distinguish what’s reality and what’s imagination!

When we understand above, we can use it to our advantage. We need to break the mindset actively and instead create the positive thoughts we want instead. Of course, we need to train ourselves in this, as in everything else new that we need to learn. Practicing changing our mindset, we need to have patience with ourselves!

Our Thoughts – Practice positive thoughts about ourselves. ”I Love myself, I deserve to feel great” repeat as long as you need but at least three times each time.

Keep in mind! No matter what we do; Things we do often, we get very skilled at!

If we choose to see obstacles, we will be good at detecting obstacles. If we choose to see solutions, we will be good at finding solutions! We all have our own free will to choose and that is what determines were we’re ending up.

Remember: We can only change ourselves! We can never change anyone else!

Our goal is to be able to function and to feel better than we do today! Or, is it?

Plus = What Gives You Energy!

Your energy increases when you have a good self-image, stability and support around you. Your social and emotional skills also give you energy. In addition to that, your energy increases by having good sleep, resting, an active rest (such as taking a walk), positive thoughts about yourself and about life, meditation and knowing what you want out of life.

We are better off having more Energy than we need. It’s really good having a buffer when facing different challenges that demands our Energy.

How can you increase your Energy Income?

Work in Your Heart – Download and Learn the Heart Meditation that you find in Soul Heart app. Learn how to strengthen yourself and how to use the different rooms in your heart. Learn to accept and to love yourself just the way you are. No matter what your situation is, you’re worth feeling good. You need to realize that in order to function and feel better.

Your OWN Time!

Your Own Time = that’s the time you spend with yourself!

The Time where you are creative in your own way and hopefully fully present, taking care of yourself! You can also use your own time to hang out with friends, work out, read or write. Take a course where you will learn what’s interesting. Book TIME ON YOUR OWN!

Build up and strengthen yourself!

Bit by bit!

Big Hug

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