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Time for Change?

Soul & Heart Blog by 
Susanne Jönsson

Longing for something new?

Do you feel it is time for change?

You are not alone!

At this time in the World, many people feel the need for some form of change.

Many starts to longing for something but often don’t know what it is they want.

The need comes from within and it can be difficult to identify the basis for this feeling.

Since it is difficult to identify, most people search for a solution outside them selves.

One way is to shop which works for some people.
The satisfaction is often short-lived and then it’s time to go shopping again – or?

Another way is to search confirmations in various ways from their surroundings. To get confirmation from others feels good – or?

Perhaps it doesn’t work in the long run?

To satisfy the inner need for change with the help of shopping or confirmation from other rarely or never works in the long term. It can help in the short term – certainly, and are you satisfied with that, you can stop reading right here.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, a solution that helps you to change, to feel better, to feel in balance
-then it takes a little longer and requires your commitment, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort.

Different ways

There are of course many different ways to achieve a permanent path to wellbeing. We are all different and need different things, different techniques and different types of knowledge.

Common to most

Common to most techniques is to start from within yourself – that’s why your love for yourself is so important. It requires a surprisingly large proportion love for ourselves before we can allow us to change and feel good.

 How do you do then?

Yes, as usual, it depends on what you want. The pace in your wish to change.

You have to take everything at the pace that feels right and safe for you, it is you who have to live with your decisions so trust your instincts.

 Choose the method that feels right in your heart.

Many people talk about gut instinct, but in your stomach, you have the entire signalling system for fears, control and anxiety. Instead trust what you feel in your heart.

If it “Feels right” then it is right – for you!

If it “Don’t Feels right” then it’s not good – find another solution instead.

Start simple

Something everyone can start with is to simply be aware of your first thought when you wake up in the morning.

Your first thought leaves its mark on the rest of the day!

Decide to start each morning with a thought that you want to characterize your day. Let it be a simple and straightforward idea – do not complicate it.

For example:

Today is a good day!

It is enough, it don’t have to be more complicated than that.
Being aware of your first thought – is a way to control your mind so that the day becomes like you want it to be.

This applies to those who are beginners in personal development and it applies to someone who has worked with this for 30 years. To deliberately start the day with a positive thought is important for everyone.

Best of luck!

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