palms down when you meditate

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palms down when you meditate

I have always been taught that your palms should be turned upwards in meditation, but you are saying the complete opposite – why is that?

We are living in a time of changes – as knowledge, frequency, and energy are concerned. The techniques that have been necessary for getting results in the past, must change along with the development. Today we have an abundance of “heavenly” energies on Earth – everyone has it, not just the ones that are interested in spiritual matters. People who wish to have a deeper knowledge and want to reach a higher level of understanding need to use techniques that work RIGHT NOW, not techniques from 10 years ago.

In order to reach your full potential, there has to be a balance of energies in your body and in your energy system. As the frequency is high and there is an abundance of “heavenly” energy, we have to balance it in every way possible with the energy of the Earth.

To simplify matters, people need two sorts of energy, referred to as “Heavenly Energy” and “Earth Energy”.

Heaven is above us, and we all live on Earth.

One is not better or more important than the other! We need both equally much and need them to be in complete balance within us in order to reach total inner knowledge.

We might think that Heavenly Energy is the most important as far as spiritual work is concerned, but this is untrue. We need balance and have to make an effort to access Earth Energy, as Heavenly Energy is very strong, and in abundance.

Heavenly Energy increases continuously as the frequency of Earth is rising. The more Heavenly Energy that pours over us, the more we have to make an effort to access Earth Energy. We need to maintain a healthy balance in our body and soul.

Always keeping your feet on the ground and your palms turned downwards in meditation, facilitates access to Earth Energy and helps the meditation become more effective. It also helps you to reach a deeper level when meditating.

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