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Your inner Compass.

Soul & Heart Blog by 
Susanne Jönsson

Are you having difficulty making decisions?

When you find decision making hard it’s usually really about you feeling unsure whether you are making the right decision.

A decision that is right for you in the long run. Sometimes it’s “a little bit of both”; it feels both good and bad when you consider the different options at hand.

Usually decision agonies like these result in no decision being made at all, as this feels like the easiest and safest option. It feels easier to wait and hope for it to pass on its own – avoiding having to decide…

This is usually an unsuccessful road in the long run. There are always consequences in your life – sooner or later – if you can’t cope or don’t want to deal with making new decisions.

There is a simple method for dealing with decision agony.

1. First you need to change your perspective: realize that the decisions you make don’t have to mean “for the rest of your life”. You are of course allowed to change your mind and decide something else if the outcome doesn’t meet your expectations. Changing your mind doesn’t equal failure, quite the opposite! Allowing this is a testament of strength.

2. Use your inner compass to guide you to what is good for you in the bigger perspective.

What does “your inner compass” mean?

Your inner compass is always available to you, whether you know it or not. It is that feeling within you when you simply just know if the decision you just made is good for you in the long run or not.

How does it work?

Well, some people call it conscience, others call it intuition – we call it your inner compass, since it is your Heart guiding this feeling.

We make decisions on all levels of life: Sometimes effortlessly, sometimes with great consideration. Sometimes these are big, life-altering decisions, other times trivial matters we face in everyday life.

The more important the decision, the harder it usually is to know if it is “right”.

There are simple ways of learning how to do this.

Learn how to know the difference:

How does it feel when you make mind (ego) based decisions?

How does it feel when you are making decisions based in your heart?

In order to be sure you are in your heart when making decisions, it’s good knowing how to get there. For all of you who know how to do this, use your tone, the fast elevator.


Take the relevant question, think consciously with your brain.

“Should I…?”

Was the answer “Yes”? How does it feel; how and where does your body respond?

Was the answer “No”? How does it feel; how and where does your body respond?

There are different parts in our body that signal different things, become aware of what part of your body reacts.

Do you get a heavy feeling in your stomach when you think about your question? That is your solar plexus reacting. This is where all your feelings related to stress, control issues, and so on, gather. The solar plexus usually says “No” to most things, as change is difficult to handle.

Take the same question, ask it from your heart.

“Should I…?”

Was the answer “Yes”? Where and how can you feel it in your chest (in the heart)?

Was the answer “No”? Where and how can you feel it in your chest (in the heart)?

Did you get a warm and calm sensation? This is a positive response. Does it feel uneasy? Ask again, be clear about being in your heart.

Everyone has access to their inner compass – to their heart – learn to trust it!

Best of luck!

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