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Why Your love for yourself is the foundation… Read more >>

Love for yourself.

What’s love got to do with it? Most people find it hard to understand why loving yourself is so important. How do you feel about it?

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements?

  • I feel inadequate – With more love for yourself, you know for certain that you always do your best. Nobody can expect more from you.
  • I have no time – With more love for yourself, you will change your priorities. Seriously, time is the only thing we have. The rest is a matter of priority.
  • I don’t like myself – With more love for yourself, you will learn to accept that you do love yourself, without feeling guilty about it.
  • Everybody else is more important in my life than I am – With more love for yourself, you will learn that the most important person in your life is you and that it is necessary to set limits. Learn how to say “no” sometimes, by asking yourself: “Do I want this? Can I do this? Will I have the strength to do it?” – before saying “YES”. When you give yourself time to think, you will exclude things that will be too much for you, and gain energy for yourself and the things you choose to say YES to.
  • I find it difficult to prioritize myself – With more love for yourself, you will change your priorities – because you are worth it!
  • I don’t have enough space for me in my life – With more love for yourself, you will learn to take up the space you need, without disrespect to others.
  • I do not like my body – With more love for yourself, you will learn to love your body just the way it is – perfect in every way.
  • I feel disappointed at my body because I am sick – With more love for yourself, you will understand that your body is doing what it can to help you and that you, in turn, will have to listen to your body and its needs.
    Learn to love your body; you are living with it for the rest of your life…
  • I am scared of doing things wrong – With more love for yourself, you know you are always doing your best and that everybody has the right to fail sometimes. Have the courage to try; most times it actually turns out alright!

These are just a few examples – the love for yourself makes up the foundation of your entire life.

Love or Ego?

Talking about Love for Yourself, I am not referring to your ego.

If you were to say “I love myself because I’m better than everyone else”, it’s your ego talking.

When you say “I love myself” from your heart, you honestly wish that everyone could love themselves because you know that life will get better when you have a lot of love for yourself.

  • Your ego would rather let you believe that others are more valuable than yourself. It wishes to put limitations on you, by making you believe the love you feel for yourself is shameful, and that you are not worthy of access to the things you need.
  • Your ego wants you to think your wellbeing depends on other peoples’ views of you, hence disregarding your own views.

When you depend too much on other peoples’ views, you are placing your natural power outside of yourself, adapting to other peoples’ thoughts and opinions. You will be left with no charge over your own life, as you are under the illusion that “other people rule”. Our opinions of ourselves are transmitted unconsciously to others, and they treat us accordingly.

When you start questioning why you do this, you realize that it is impossible to be guided by what everyone else thinks. “Others” are of course a great many people, and no individual can possibly satisfy “everyone”!

Once you understand this, you will realize that you have to be content with what you do – with all your Heart.  You will start feeling good about yourself.

When you say to yourself;

I love myself, and I truly wish that everyone could feel the same about him-/herself”, it is your Heart speaking.

And in your Heart you know you deserve EVERYTHING that you wish, just like EVERYONE else.

People are different
We all look different, we come from different places and perform different tasks, but this of no importance, because:

All Humans are EQUAL! Regardless of looks and origin.
 In your Heart you know it’s true!

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